1.  Production

1.1 Newa Insurance (Cambodia) PLc. holds and possesses confidential and personal information on private individuals, employee, business partners and suppliers as well as information relating to its own operations.
1.2 In line with its commitment to safeguard and prevent the misuse of such information, the Company is complimanting the in formartion privacy protection policy (the policy) to spell out the guidelines for staff in accessing and processing information in the course of their duties.  

2.  Objective

2.1 The object of this Policy is to set out a framework to : 
i) Protect the Company's information from possible threats whether internal or external, deliberate or accidental.
ii) Enable secure information sharing.
iii) Ensure all staff are aware of their roles and responsibilities in managing and protecting the confidentaility and intergrety of the information they handle.
iv) protect the Company from legal liability due to inappropriate use of its information.
v) Comply with applicable laws and regulations in Cambodia.

3.  Scope

3.1 The policy applies to all staff of the Company.
3.2 The Policy Covers all forms of information including but not limited to:
i) Speech, Conversation weather spoken face to face or communicated by phone.
ii) hard copy data printed or writen.
iii) information stored in  manual filling system.
iv) information communicated via post/courier,fax,electronic email.
v) Data stored and proccessed via servers, personal computers,laptops,mobile phones, PDAs,
vi) Data stored on all types of remmovable media, CDs, DVDs, tape, USB, memory sticks, digital cameras etc.

4.  Guidelines

4.1 The following spell out the responsibilities of all staff:
i) Legitimate Access
Staff may only access information needed to perform thier ligitimate duties.
ii) Prohibited Activities
Staff may not in any way misuse, divulge, copy, release, sell, loan, alter or destroy any informatiion unless
authorized to do so within the scope of thier professional activities.
iii) Responsibilities and Obligations
a) Staff must protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the Conpany's information wherever the information is located e.g held on physical document, store on computers media, communicated over voice or data networks, exchanged in conversation etc.
b) staff must destroy or render unusable any confidential information contained in any physical
documents e.g memorandum, report, micro film or any electronic, magenetic or optional storage medium 
(e.g SD cards, USB key, CD , hard disk, magnetic tape, diskette etc) before it is discarded.
​​​​​​​c) Staff must report any suspicious activities that may compromise the Company's sensitive information. d) Staff obligation to protect sensitive information continues after leaving the service of the Company. iv) Compliance with applicable laws/regulations/contractual obligations/Company's policies In the course of carrying out their duties inclusive of accessing and processing information, staff must ensure due compliance not only with this Policy but with all applicable laws and regulations, contractual obligations/service undertaking as well as the Company's other prevailing policies.

5. Policy Violation

5.1 A staff found to have violated this Policy will be liable to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment and/or referral to law enforcement agencies for civil and/or criminal action, where appropriate.

6. Review

6.1 This Policy is subject to review from time to time. 6.2 Any such review shall be made known to staff in writing.

7. Effective Date

7.1 The effective date of this Policy is 15 June 2018
​​​​​​​Newa Insurance (Cambodia) Plc.